The Secret World Kyra

Apparently, mom’s some kind of Wabanaki superwoman. Who knew? Okay, so she was always obsessed with rituals and traditions. Dad couldn’t take it. Made him so mad, my mom and him kept fighting over it. I thought it was just superstition.

I guess there’s a lot more to it, and she’s started teaching me about all that stuff. It’s pretty cool. I suppose I just have to trust she knows what she’s doing. Red says I’m next, I’ll inherit her gift. I really don’t know what that’s supposed to mean. I’m not sure I want to inherit mom’s gifts.

I hope at least I get to learn a hex or two. There are some boys in school I’d like to place a hex on. Uh. Wait. That sounded really bad, right?

Solomon Island

A few more weeks of this, and I’ll even be ready for that fishing trip upstate my uncle’s been threatening to take me on. All I have to watch is what I brought with me when we came here to stay with Uncle Red – and anything with zombies or werewolves is off-limits. I just can’t get into a story that has a pretty girl falling for a hot vampire anymore. It feels very wrong.

And there’s nothing to read around here. It’s either Russian authors and poetry, or horror stories about small towns in Maine, and I’ve had more than enough of both.

I didn’t mean the thing about the fishing trip. I think it’ll be nice, once this is all over. Uncle Red and me, we got along. He’s teaching me to play chess right now… oh god, I want to get out of here so bad.

Your Family

I wish there were more of us here, not just Mom and me and Uncle Red, but others from the tribe. Or even better, that we could just move to the trailer park. But no, that’s impossible. Because, you know, there’s this big disagreement in the tribe, and nobody talks to anybody anymore.

I know someone did something bad to someone else, like, forty years ago – I think it had to do with my grandfather – but that was, like forty years ago. You’d think they’d be over it by now.

What’s wrong with people? Why can’t they just work it out? Mom tried, many times, but she always came home crying her eyes out. She gave up years ago. And Uncle Red never talks about any of them. Just goes all quiet and serious whenever someone mentions their names.

I mean, I like Uncle Frank and Uncle Joe. They’re a bit gross, but kinda funny. And Old Joseph is pretty cool, too. He’s good at telling stories, even though he gets pretty long-winded at times. I just don’t get it. We’re Family; we should be able to at least talk to each other.




A student of the school for the gifted, and a very promising one at that. While many may be rather envious of her abilities she only wishes to be normal although as time goes by she is beginning to get a bit more comfortable with her “gift”. Mostly she is just trying to make the best of it she has, one comfort though is that through her gift she knows she is not alone.. far from it.

She has a excellent Mentor in Annabel Usher, she shares that similar connection to gaia and the Earth that Annabel has which during these hard times has been an invaluable source of comfort. Hayden Montag is a little bit different, she understands to an extent why his methods are so.. unorthodox but be damned if their not entirely creepy

The Secret World Carter

So. Uh. How’s your super-story going so far? Swallowed a bee, wrecked your place, I know how that one starts. They say we’re gifted. I don’t want to come across like a spoiled brat, but gee, some gift! Scared off my friends, my family. Any chance for a normal life.

I even creeped out the other students here at, you know, Hogwarts. I can’t blame them. Sometimes when I dream, it gives my roommates nosebleeds. That doesn’t really make you BFF material. Have you… had the dreams yet? Of the world suspended in a cold, cold darkness. Of voices worse than anything you ever heard on MTV – even in the reality shows. Of elder things.

No? you will. Not to get all Emo Allen Poe about it, but you will. It comes with the powers. It’s a portent, Mr Montag says. Enjoy the ones about swimming, or flying, or absent friends while you can.

Innsmouth Academy

I wish I could say this isn’t how I planned my sweet sixteen. But really, I haven’t known any other life. They took me in here when I was twelve, the youngest enrollment since like, ever. My parents didn’t wanna let me go, but what else could they do? Pay off another trashed house and interstate move? They still apologies in every letter from home.

Here teachers straight-up told me I had a great responsibility. For the way the world would be. Heavy, right? That’s like graduation speech stuff. And I got hit with it before puberty! So, I pretty much became the outcast loner chick with the dark secret. Just like in Danny’s comics.

Danny’s sweet, and kind, and more worried if I like his corny 80s movies than whether my powers are gonna fry us both. It’s pretty cool. To not be judged by a normal person. That is, mostly normal. I think there’s something in the water in Kingsmouth.

The Secret World

You wanna hear something weird? Sure you do, you’re just getting warmed up. I haven’t even told Miss Usher this yet, but… Around the time things started going wrong, I started… seeing people. Other kids, I think other kids like me, you know, with powers like me. It’s like the least crazy reason I came up with to explain it.

There’s a girl, a few years younger than me, who lives with her mom and dad and watches the snow come in from big mountains. Maybe Alaska? My geography is not so great. And a boy, he’s tiny but way smarter than he should be. He solves algebra when he’s nervous. He’s at a school in some suburbs, with kids in yellow raincoats and, like, little sailor suits.

I don’t know what it means. Maybe I’m just inventing special friends for when the real ones let me down. But it seemed so real, the colours and the light…and I hope nothing’s happened to them. Nothing like what happened here.

The Illuminati

Miss Usher has done her best to prepare me for the future. She warned me that there’ll be people who will try to exploit my gifts. Like having the strangers with candy talk, you know, but with magic. I know this academy is “owned” by the Illuminati, and they don’t give anything out for free. They’ll want “something” in return for my education, right? Giving back to secret society.

And I’ve already been offered a full scholarship at Oxford. The magical Oxford. That’s the Templars, I knew by the look on Miss Usher’s face. And I got a weird note with some Chinese signs on it. At least it looked like Chinese to me.

See, I don’t want to “use” my gifts for anything. All I want is to learn how to control them, so I won’t have to use them. If that makes sense.

Hayden Montag

Hayden Montag

In a weird sort of way he is using children to fill that urge he cannot seem to satisfy, that urge for knowledge to expand reasoning; he has done all that he nearly can in this world and now it has become about trying to teach the new generation. He does anything to attain his goal usual within the easiest most conducive means for attaining it without thought for the human element. He has a deep understanding and appreciation of the secret world, and this makes him act in ways that may be considered inhumane but all he does is for the good of his pupils, the school, and maybe even the world.
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Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

She has a deep sense of caring for the children in her charge and about teaching them for the trials that lay ahead. She know she will not be able to protect them all and it hurts her deeply but she will keep trying regardless. She also has a connection to the world but with the earth itself instead of the evil within, an understanding of the emotions the world feels, the heartache and misery, and the pussy sores that are spreading throughout.
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Sam Kreig

Sam Kreig

Tormented by the visions in his head which tends to reflect in his writing, the stories he creates are mere manifestations of the dark voice. You can see that he is haunted by something greater, Connected to something.. something dark that visits his dreams.. whispering sweet nothings of death and pain. He is probably connected to the deep evil lying beneath, the evil waking from slumber, the evil that is slowing touching the waking world and spreading it’s corruption. The island connects everyone to it’s essence to some great power, Sam Kreig more than most it seems. He also sees the worst part of the human condition which the connection deigns to share over and over again making him critique the human race like it is a disease. All this makes him despise people, himself most of all, he wishes the the race to be wiped from existence, including himself and although he doesn’t seek death he longs for the sweet embrace of death, for silence.

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John Wolf

John Wolf

John wolf is connected to the earth, the essence of the world in some way and it reflects strongly in his philosophical rambling. He is a part of it, and it of him. He is also a protector of sorts against those who may seek to inbalance the world in whatever regard and right now there is something out there for everyone to be concerned with.

He is also a man in mourning, he has some great things, beautiful things, things that have touched his soul and left a very deep impression. He misses it, longs for that sweet embrace and his search for it will never cease untill his dying breath.
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Secret Biographies – Danny Dufresne

Danny Dufresne

Comes across as your average adolescent from his look, to the demeanor and interests. He loves metal and zombies.. just like every teenager he has pretty much been hyped up for a zombie apocalypse from the many books, comics, and movies he has seen. It is almost like some weird movie he is starring in.. sorry not starring always the sidekick. He has a huge crush on a girl too but whether or not the sparks happen in the future is up in the air, he envies her powers though but has the consolation of a mechanical mind and that is enough… for now.
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Secret Biographies – Harrison Blake

Harrison Blake

It is all about protocols and procedures and procedures with Harrison Blake and everything must go smoothly and run by the book, of course there would always be another protocol for when the first protocol didn’t work. There is an odd sense of calm within in him where a cool head will always prevail, logic and a realistic understanding of the situation comes first. He also has a sharp wit and very much enjoys ridiculing the supernatural element as well as the secret Societies but although it may come of as sarcastic it is really just more of an observation.

And it’s fricken Tuvok
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